Using iframe:iframe properly

So i'm trying to extract data from an iframe and no joke i've been trying for like 3 days already.

Here is the link:

Basically i've been trying to extract element attribute inside of it.
If i append on the selector .pframe iframe.metaframe.rptss.lazyloaded i can just get attributes of the iframe itself, but i wanna get deeper and get src attribute of video.jw-video.jw-reset that it's inside the iframe. I've tried all the combinations possible with iframe:iframe but with absolutely no luck. Can someone provide a proper example of the selector so that the data can be extracted?

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There is indeed an iframe, but the more difficult challenge is that the iframe contains the video player which loads videos dynamically from the server. So I don't think you can get the Urls with WS. You can't break out of the iframe either; site reports "no hotlinking allowed".

This link may help:

Ok, i understand that, but can you show me an example of something pulled out of inside the iframe? title or something... anything? I just need a working example so i know how to properly use the iframe function.

Hi, sure, I had posted previously a solution for an iframe site:

The basic syntax is iframe:iframe element_name

So for example, if there is an element div.location-address in the iframe, you would use iframe:iframe div.location-address

Some things I've noted:

  • Iframe feature doesn't always work (or at least, I can't figure out how to make it work in certain pages)
  • You'll likely need to use the Chrome inspector to find the right selector. The WS picker probably won't work in iframes.
  • Preview selector does not seem to work for iframes, but Preview data will work if you have picked the right selector.

So i went to w3schools to a simple iframe example and it seems that is working over there. So the issue is that it doesn't always work.
I'm curious if multiple iframes are present, can you pick one by class or id? something like iframe#first:iframe ? Anyway, thanks for the answers.