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How to?

This category is meant for asking questions about how to build a proper sitemap. Before posting make sure that answer isn't already posted in "FAQ" category or if someone already haven't faced the same problem and have posted it in this category. If you have just signed up, you have to read other posts for at least 10 minutes before creating a new post.

Feature Requests

This category is meant for new feature requests. Before posting make sure that your request has not been posted in this category before by another user. If someone else have already posted a feature that you wanted to request reply to that post with URL to the site that you would use this on(if there is one specific) and press a “Like” button on that post.

Bug Reports

When submiting a bug please include:


In this category you will find the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to discuss below these posts and press the “Like” button if they were useful.