Usability: parent selector de-highlighted if used as name prefix

When I create a new child selector, Webscraper helpfully pre-highlights the correct parent selector for me. Very handy!

But if the child selector contains, as a prefix, the name of the parent selector, the parent gets un-highlighted, leaving no parent selector chosen, so I have to remember to choose one manually. One automatic feature is defeating another. A small bug, but annoying.


I have a parent selector named "ac8". I want child selectors named "ac8-foo", "ac8-bar", "ac8-baz" etc. When I create a new child selector, and start typing out its name, as soon as I type "ac8-", the parent selector gets un-highlighted.

I've noticed the same. What I usually do is refresh the page, go back tot he parent, click "element preview" when I see that works, I click into the parent and start selecting the child elements. Usually this fixes that for me.