Scraping multiple URLs bug


I'm trying to scrape data from 10.000 URLs using this tutorial: 2019 - UnTECH # 17 - Scraping Multiple URL's with - YouTube
I have no errors in the sitemap, but when the process is complete and I download the CSV, I have data from only the last 3 URLs in the list.
Any idea why this is happening, and why doesn't it scrape data from the whole 10K URLs?

My sitemap has this format (I've edited it just to get the idea):

"_id": "sitemap-name",
"startUrl": ["", "", "","etc...for all 10K URLs"], "selectors": [{
"id": "1",
"parentSelectors": ["_root", "pagination"],
"type": "SelectorLink",
"selector": ".class",
"multiple": true,
"delay": 0
}, {"id": "2",
"parentSelectors": ["1"],
"type": "SelectorHTML",
"selector": "class",
"multiple": true,
"regex": "",
"delay": 0

@zanpo Hello, are you sure that the imported start URL amount does not surpass 10'000? Other than that there should no issues.

Yes, 10K URLs.
I was using Edge for this, but just realized and moved to Chrome, and now it works better.
I think this was the issue.