Scraping disappearing

Web Scraper version: 0.6.4
Chrome version: 96.0.4664.93 (Build ufficiale) (a 64 bit)
OS: windows Edizione Windows 10 Pro
Versione 21H2
Data installazione: ‎20/‎08/‎2021
Build sistema operativo 19044.1348
Esperienza Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0


{id:"my sitemap"}

{"_id":"pitchfork2","startUrl":["[1500-1839]"],"selectors":[{"id":"globalselector","parentSelectors":["_root"],"type":"SelectorElement","selector":"","multiple":true,"delay":0},{"id":"artist","parentSelectors":["globalselector"],"type":"SelectorText","selector":".artist-list li","multiple":false,"delay":0,"regex":""},{"id":"album","parentSelectors":["globalselector"],"type":"SelectorText","selector":"h2","multiple":false,"delay":0,"regex":""},{"id":"genre","parentSelectors":["globalselector"],"type":"SelectorText","selector":"a.genre-list__link","multiple":false,"delay":0,"regex":""},{"id":"Author","parentSelectors":["globalselector"],"type":"SelectorText","selector":"a.linked","multiple":false,"delay":0,"regex":""},{"id":"album-link","parentSelectors":["globalselector"],"type":"SelectorLink","selector":"a.review__link","multiple":false,"delay":0},{"id":"vote","parentSelectors":["album-link"],"type":"SelectorText","selector":"span.score","multiple":false,"delay":0,"regex":""},{"id":"date","parentSelectors":["album-link"],"type":"SelectorText","selector":"time","multiple":false,"delay":0,"regex":""},{"id":"label","parentSelectors":["album-link"],"type":"SelectorText","selector":"li.labels-list__item","multiple":false,"delay":0,"regex":""},{"id":"year","parentSelectors":["album-link"],"type":"SelectorText","selector":"span.single-album-tombstone__meta-year","multiple":false,"delay":0,"regex":""},{"id":"review","parentSelectors":["album-link"],"type":"SelectorGroup","selector":".contents p","delay":0,"extractAttribute":""}]}
Error Message:

no error messages relating either to webscraper or pitchfork

To access error messages follow these steps:

  1. Open chrome://extensions/ or go to manage extensions
  2. Enable “developer mode” at the top right
  3. Open Web Scrapers “background page”
  4. A new popup window should appear.
  5. Go to “Console” tab. You should see Web Scraper log messages and errors there.

Yello, my scraping project is to scrape pitchfork reviews, it actually works fine, but it doesnt do all the pages in the interval, it actually closes with no message and stop scraping after x pages (can be 10, or 20, depends) and I have to start over after checking what was the page it got up to.
Really annoying.

@sickboy83 Hi, there are several factors that might cause it such as your location, browser version, OS version, and other factors.

After performing tests on Web Scraper Cloud the amount of returned records was consistent.

Hey viesturs, thanks for the reply!
If I may ask, in terms of OS and browser versions, is there anything you would recommend?
These are my specs in terms of RAM and CPU
|Processor|Intel(R) Celeron(R) J4005 CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz|
|RAM|16,0 GB (15,7 GB utilizzabile)|

Keep also in mind that I'm using the chrome extension, not the full cloud version, might that be a factor as well?
Thanks in advance

@sickboy83 Hi.

Yes for sure, the extension uses physical resources(RAM & CPU of your PC) while the cloud is using the resources of a virtual server/machine.

Ok, checking out the scraping window, I saw what happens: sometimes it takes me to a 503 error page. If I'm quick enough to reload the window, the scraping resumes as if nothing has happened. However if I'm not able to notice it in time, it closes the window, and bye bye scraping job.
I understand this might be due to their website, but is there away to avoid this? Any workaround?
Ive tried to up the delay times up to 20000ms, but to no avail.