Scapper only records first 20 items

Web Scraper version: 0.4.1
Chrome version: 76.0.3809.100
OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6


  "_id": "gyg_click",
  "startUrl": [
  "selectors": [
      "id": "card",
      "type": "SelectorElement",
      "parentSelectors": ["_root"],
      "selector": ".activity-card",
      "multiple": true,
      "delay": "20000"
      "id": "title",
      "type": "SelectorText",
      "parentSelectors": ["card"],
      "selector": ".activity-card-title",
      "multiple": false,
      "regex": "",
      "delay": 0
      "id": "click-more",
      "type": "SelectorElementClick",
      "parentSelectors": ["_root"],
      "selector": ".activity-card",
      "multiple": true,
      "delay": "1000",
      "clickElementSelector": ".load-more .btn",
      "clickType": "clickMore",
      "discardInitialElements": "do-not-discard",
      "clickElementUniquenessType": "uniqueText"

Error Message:


Hi, the site can actually be navigated using page numbers, e.g.

So I just changed your start url to[1-3]

And I removed your click-more selector. The new scrape will result in duplicates, but these are easily removed by using Excel's Remove Duplicates. After removing dupes, I got 58 lines. I used these settings for scraping:
Request interval (ms)
Page load delay (ms)

Modified sitemap: