Potential bug with 'Element Scroll Down'

Web Scraper version: Using Chrome Plugin
Chrome version: 0.4.2


Error Message:
background_script.js:465 {"error":"[object Object]","request":"{"method":"selectSelector","params":[{"parentCSSSelector":"","allowedElements":"*"}]}","stack":"Error\n at a.error (chrome-extension://jnhgnonknehpejjnehehllkliplmbmhn/background_script.js:468:35)\n at chrome-extension://jnhgnonknehpejjnehehllkliplmbmhn/background_script.js:28433:39","timestamp":1591815834,"level_name":"ERROR","message":"Failed to send message to chrome tab"}
log @ background_script.js:465

Hi, the error I'm experiencing is in using 'Element Scroll Down', the scraping window opens, hangs on for a few seconds without scrolling and then closes. The site uses Angular. I've tried to select several other elements and play with the configuration, however it always acts the same.

It looks like a bug to me, however I might be doing something wrong, I doubt it though.

I use a website that requires credentials, but perhaps we can work something out if you need to debug this.


To access error messages follow these steps:

  1. Open chrome://extensions/ or go to manage extensions
  2. Enable “developer mode” at the top right
  3. Open Web Scrapers “background page”
  4. A new popup window should appear.
  5. Go to “Console” tab. You should see Web Scraper log messages and errors there.