Null data when table header include /n

Web Scraper version: 0.4.1
Chrome version: 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS: Windows 10 1803

When using the below sitemap, data represented in web table where column headers include new line "< br >" (without spaces) isn't captured from the table and therefore output just shows "null" for each cell/row. I attempted to include "/n" and "< br >" in selector heading configuration to no avail.

{"_id":"test","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"id":"test","type":"SelectorTable","parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"table","multiple":true,"columns":[{"header":"Pos","name":"Pos","extract":true},{"header":"parkrunner","name":"parkrunner","extract":true},{"header":"Time","name":"Time","extract":true},{"header":"AgeCat","name":"AgeCat","extract":true},{"header":"AgeGrade","name":"AgeGrade","extract":true},{"header":"GenderPos","name":"GenderPos","extract":true},{"header":"Club","name":"Club","extract":true},{"header":"Note","name":"Note","extract":true},{"header":"Total Runs","name":"Total Runs","extract":true}],"delay":0,"tableDataRowSelector":"tbody tr","tableHeaderRowSelector":"thead tr"}]}

Error Message:
No error displayed, data output simply contains "null" values rather than information shown in web table.

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Same problem here!
Did you find solution?

need support from this issue

Did anyone find a solution for this, just come across this and can't get round it.

Done some more testing, it's fine with < hr > in the header, so it's not ALL encoded HTML inside the header, just appears to be if the br is used.

Found a solution!

The \n does work, but you need to be very careful about white space.
If your HTML Table has a header as "First < br > Second< br > Third" for example, then you need to edit your sitemap to be "First \n Second\n Third" To match the exact spacing of the header text.

So simply export the sitemap, edit the JSON header values, and re-import as a new sitemap, and it all works fine.