Not working after new chrome update

anyone else having issues with this since the new update.28/05/2020

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Yup, the web scraper menu disappeared in chrome devtools

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Is this happening on all sites or only specific ones?

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I experience the same here.

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Same here. Does anyone know if there is a fix in the works?

Please post site URLs that have this issue otherwise our dev team can't troubleshoot the issue.

We are aware of this problem. It is affecting all browser extensions. In short this is a bug in chrome not a bug on our side.

Right now we need a list of sites where this bug is occurring. We have narrowed it down to Youtube executing a javascript file that causes extension tabs not to load. Unfortunately the file is really big and minified so we cannot make sense of it.

Please report other sites where this is occuring so that we can report a bug to Chrome dev team.

As a workaround you can load the devtools first and then open Youtube.