Field selection to export


The CSV files exported by WS are full of fields generated by links we don't need. Sometimes more than 50% of fields are not generated by the user.

Could you add an option to chose which fields are going to be exported? A good place could be in each Selector. For example if the selector is a Link, WS generate two new fields one with the content of the text and another with the href. Two checkboxes to unselect exporting fields would be great. Sometimes we need the URL but most of the cases we create the link selectors for navigation purposes.

Thanks in advance


i agree for this feature

i think you can just delete the unnecessary selector to make it happen.
but, there does is 1 issue as i stated here:

it will generate 1 column without any 1 line of data(just the header there)(as far as i tested dozen's times, so this is what it can be optimised(if possible).