Failed to connect to chrome tab

Web Scraper version: 1.79.3
Chrome version: I use OPERA GX (Chromium version:121.0.6167.186 || Opera GX version: 107.0.5045.89)
OS: Windows 10

Link to the site you were scraping:

Sitemap (Please make the sitemap as minimal as possible so it’s easier to replicate the bug. You can export the sitemap by opening it and choosing “Export Sitemap” in the dropdown menu):


I got this error, previously the web scraper worked fine, but now it shows error like below.

FAILED_TO_CONNECT_TO_CHROME_TAB {"message":"Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist."}

It happened when I clicked the "Select" selector button. I also had tried in Chrome Browser and it worked fine but somehow in Opera GX it did not work anymore, please help!!