All sitemaps lost + uri malformed

Web Scraper version: 0.6.0
Chrome version: 92.0.4515.131
OS: windows

Hi, im trying to create a new sitemap but i get this error message
URI malformed
even if the url is ok

yesterday everything was fine, but today it looks like webscraper has a new look and all my sitemaps have gone!
any help pls?

Don't clear the extension storage.

The url is correct in the create sitemap window but there is an incorrect url in the sitemap storage. The new version is trying to extract domain name from url to display it in sitemap list and probably one sitemap is failing everything.

We will push an update to work around this issue.

thanks @martins what should i do then? just wait?

Well if you feel like you understand what you are doing, you can go to extensions background script. From console you can access indexed db and the scraper-sitemaps table. From there find the broken sitemap and fix it. That will be really hard to do though. You could inject pouchdb script to simplify things.

We are already working on the fix so waiting is probably easier.

We have released version 0.6.1 that should fix this issue.

@martins where can i find the 0.6.1 version?
here it says it is still 0.6 Web Scraper - Free Web Scraping - Chrome Web Store

The updated version has been submitted to Google Store - the approval can take anywhere from several minutes to a couple of days.

ok thanks again! :grinning: