Windows 10 app version of image downloader

I've generated a Windows 10 app version of image downloader by using PyInstaller. This is for Windows users who don’t have Python installed, or do not wish to install Python. It can be download from:

The Zip password is: 123
Please don't ask me questions about Python or development. I am not an expert! I did not create the image-downloader script either. More details:

Python version: 3.7.6

Pyhton script from:

Pyhton script version 0.1.2

PyInstaller version: 4.2

PyInstaller command: pyinstaller --onefile --noupx

I made a couple of small tweaks to the original Python script before creating the app. They are:

  1. Changed the User-agent to latest Chrome on Windows 10 64-bit. The original script is reporting itself as "Chromium 63 on Ubuntu".
  2. Removed the 10-second delay when downloads are completed, and replaced it with a call to Windows' built-in Pause command. This will display "Press any key to continue..." instead of closing the console window after 10 seconds.

The modified Python script is included with the zip file. Note that the Pause command is specific to Windows, so it won't work for other OSes.

Antivirus/malware warning

Some anti-malware programs may warn about "unsigned app" or "no digital cert". This is a common issue for apps generated by PyInstaller. If you're in doubt, please run an antivirus scan, or better yet, you can create the app yourself by using PyInstaller. Note that PyInstaller requires Python to already be installed.


Thanks big leemeng!

An alternative is wget, but this python script is more fast