Will this tool work with captchas

I am trying to scrape a public access, criminal justice website, but they have put a captcha on it. I was trying from Python and that is a show stopper. I would like to know if web scraper will work on this site? Shelby County Criminal Justice System Portal

If someone wants to try to get this to work, I would pay 200.00 if you can get it to work. You will need to register, then log in, then scrape the site for all criminal cases on one convicted criminal by clicking the "Smart Search" button, then entering the name (last name, first) BISHOP,TREVINEO and scraping all cases and warrants so that you create a csv of all the data. It is a public site, but I guess they don't want lawyers offices and such hammering them. They should post an api and be done with it, but . . .


If this is still relevant you can try to open a trial account with Web Scraper and contact support with the login information, so they can test the website. Web Scraper cannot solve captchas per se, but in many cases, the captcha can be circumvented with IP rotation.