What to do again block or cloudflare?

Hello together,

I scraped many times from a Website and now they have a better restricted Cloudflare on their page. My IP get blocked if I have to many requests a time.

So what would be better for me ? A proxy or something else ? I want something to test for free to see if it works with a proxy or Web API.

Thanks for your help in advance.

@Anonymous Hi, you should try Web Scraper Cloud - https://cloud.webscraper.io which has an in-built proxy feature.

Also, Web Scraper Cloud currently, supports integration with the following Proxy providers: Luminati, NetNut & SmartProxy.

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Thanks for your reply...I will try it. I have another question.

If I scrap with a script one and get out 11,000 Data´s. Is this one request oder 11,000 requests?

@Anonymous Web Scraper Clouds subscription plans are based on the amount of data the user is looking to extract on a monthly basis.

A page credit represents a single page/URL rendered by the scraper. For example, a "Project" plan comes with 5,000-page credits which means that you will be able to scrape data from 5'000 different URLs.

If the sitemap does not have additional link selectors that would have to be visited in order to scrape this amount of data then 1-page credit would suffice.

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