Website with new tab links - I did my research and couldnt solve it


As the title states, I couldnt find the answer for webpages that open links in a new tab. Im sorry but couldnt figure it out.
Basically, Im trying to get the information from the website below but links open in a new tab so from there I start to lose control. I ve tried to select the Pop-link but when I click on Data Preview, it starts to open link by link from that front page. How do I select the rest of the information if everything is opening in a separate tab?
I read lots of answers in this forum but none of them are for dummies, the answers are too technical which I dont understand. I really need pictures or explanations like Im 5.
Ive tried with other webpages that doesnt open new tabs and everything works fine, but this one is driving me nuts .

Url: Finca Raíz en Bogotá, Vivienda Nueva y Usada | Finca Raíz

The sitemap is short because I dont know where to continue selecting the information because the links open in a new tab and when i try to open the webscraper extension in the new link, it doesnt work.
{"_id":"fincaraiz","startUrl":["Finca Raíz en Colombia | Finca Raíz img","type":"SelectorPopupLink"},{"id":"precio","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["aptos"],"regex":"","selector":"p.jss1344","type":"SelectorText"}]}

thanks in advance

@punknart Hi, the listing page HTML contains the links to the product page, therefore you should not have difficulties using the 'Link' selector in order to extract the product page details.


{"_id":"fincaraiz-com","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"id":"link","multiple":true,"parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"article a","type":"SelectorLink"},{"extractAttribute":"","id":"title","parentSelectors":["link"],"selector":"header p","type":"SelectorGroup"}]}

Hello, thanks for your response. I tried again adding some extra elements but when I click "Scrape" and opens a new window, it crashes. I already tried in a webpage where links dont open in a new tab and it works flawlessly. So Im definitely doing something wrong. These are the steps Im doing:

  1. Select the main apartments with the link selector.
  2. Click and apartment post which opens in a new tab ( I tried to use webscraper in the new tab but when clicking Scrape, it crashes so what I tried was to copy the link of the apartment post and paste it in the tab where the "webscraper" plugin is active via Inspect
  3. I selected other elements like bathroom, rooms and parking lots.
  4. I scraped again and the plugin crashes. ..
    I think is related to the links opening in new tabs.

Please some help

This is my surrent sitemap:

{"_id":"fincaraiz","startUrl":["Finca Raíz en Colombia | Finca Raíz"}]}