Utilize same selectors with different links without creating entire new sitemap

Describe the problem.
I am scraping residential data from a government website. Every Residence has its own unique link but all the fields are formatted the same for every single one. So say I would like to take the date it was last sold and the price it was sold for. That is fairly simple as I just add text selectors and it works fine. However, I would have to create new sitemaps for each link and keep adding the same selectors every single time.
Is there any way that I can keep the selectors the same and simply change or edit the root? How would one do that if possible?

Thank You!

hey, it's a little hard to talk about a solution just based on your description. So, send the URL and maybe an image or a sitemap for some more precise comments.
From what you describe I see two scenarios
1 - URLs are standard numbers formated. In that scenario, you may use Macros on the metadata URL to reach all needed.
2 - find a page with all links needed, or format the sitemap to look for new links on every page. Webscraper will never enter the same link twice

@El_Stern Hello, knowing that most of the websites are unique structure-wise you will have to adjust the selectors accordingly or create multiple selector variants by diving them with a comma.

Also, if you are not looking to copy&paste these links 1by1 you should use the 'Bulk Start URL import' feature which is available within Web Scraper Cloud.