Unable to select element

Hello, I am attempting to scrape from this site but the elements are not being recognized when hovering over them. When I click to select it instead goes to the link I click on. The Child/Parent keys also don't work. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Url: ポケモンカード psa | Shop at Mercari from Japan! | Buyee

{"_id":"Buyee-Mercari","startUrl":["Error | Buyee, an Online Proxy Shopping Service":true}]}

you can inspect source code by pressing F12


The point-and-click is not working since the elements are nested under an iframe.

Can you describe what data points you would like to scrape?

I am looking to pull the link to the item, image link, the price in yen, and price in USD$. Thanks!

In order to scrape the data, you have to inspect the HTML and identify the iframe source URL.

In this case it is https://asf.buyee.jp/mercari?keyword=ポケモンカード+psa&status=on_sale&page=2&currencyCode=USD&conversionType=Mercari_DirectSearch&myee=0&languageCode=en&lang=en

Then try to create a scraper based on this URL.

Let me know if you are facing any other issues.

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THAT WORKED! thank you so much