Unable to scrape data from total ten popup inks in each pages and each popup link has different data popup in fame


I have site which screenshot is attached where multiple pages with only next button bottom of the page. Here in each page total number of ten DETAILS name popup link. Here the Details button is not a link but it is popup link. When we click on Details popup link the data dynamically load in beside the same page i think in the frame or something. After click on Details popup link the loaded data I want to scrap. So, in short total ten details popup links in each page and after clicking on each details popup link the unique data loaded which I want to scrap. My site link has username and password after that scraping page got loads. So, here I am uploading the image of the page.

I have spent more than two and half weeks to solve as per my capacity but I am not that much tech savvy. I have go through how to videos, search you tubes, search google, go through some of this forum how to questions but unable to solve the problem. Note: On loaded data to scrap I do not want to use type table as it is mis configure by the site developer. So, I want to scrape each table box data individually.

Regards with thanks in advance.

Am I doing any mistake to post my question here for the first time? Because more than 2 days and 15 plus views no one can replied so I just asking that question. I think data I want to scrap is under the site link which has user account and after enter login credentials the page appears. So, I am not able to share it here in public. So, is there is someone who can solve this?