Stop execution?

How do i stop execution after pressing "data preview" or "scrape"?

On bigger sites when something is failing, or if i'm just testing, i want to be able to stop the process

split your task to be able to accomplish smaller scrapes...

I interpret your answer as there is no such functionality, in other words.

What's the best practice to split into smaller scrapes?

Let's say you receive your URLs by means of ElementAttribute and you cvan't follow them right a way. So first step - is to gather all your necessary links. Afterwards you write a separate sitemap as if you are following each of the links... That is a second step...

I totally understand, but that doesn't work in my case.

If something goes wrong, i have to wait for the whole page to be executed, or shutdown/kill the Chrome process entirely.

A cancel/abort button would be a perfect solution.