Special Needs for Scraping?

I want to try to scrape a remote file of text that is mine, but on a remote computer system.

There are several problems that I need to know about:

  1. The web page with my text data will display about 6 or 8 individual comments of mine and then require a mouse click on the word More to advance and display the next page. Do I have to have some special code or something to get the next page to show and continue to scrape?

  2. The web page doesn't display all of the text of a long comment. To see the rest of the text a mouse click is required on the words See More. Like #1, do I need special code or something for this?

  3. Some times, for reasons not known to me, the remote computer will drop the connection and then retry to connect. Most of the time it does reconnect, but there are times when I have to wait or try again to connect. Can or will the scraper handle this?

I have over 12,000 text comments on this remote computer and I want to get a copy of everything onto my PC for additional editing for a web site book I am creating. I'm not a programmer.

Thanks for any help in advance.