Scraping urls for the same data type but the passing url parameter changes is it possible?

Hi all,
I am trying to scrape some data from a old php based website. I cannot access the SQL database. The URL format is as the following e.g:

We have over 300 food items and the only thing that changes is the variable at the end of the url here are a few examples:

i have been able to get a list of the variables. I only need two pieces of data that are in separate html elements and both are text (one is the product number and the other is the price e.g.

product number: 12944
price: 1.99

I am trying to figure out how to use this extension via chrome to achieve this but i am absolutely clueless, I am trying to avoid copying and pasting 500 pages manually!!

Is there a way for this extension to be setup to cycle through the urls and scrape

I can create a list of urls using a text editor or is there a way to set this up so the variables can be passed in to

I would really appreciate some pointers


You can use a site like to create a start URL with all the links and then use the link selector to iterate through them.

Hope this helps!