Scraping Specific URL's


I work for a call center that requires us to track our own time. I have tried creating a scrapper with Excel but ran into issues.

I have made a successful scrapper with this but have a question I can't seem to find the answer for. Currently, my scrapper goes to my closed cases and extracts the amount of time I was on a call as that's what I get paid off of. This is great for things that I closed but doesn't help with things that I may have handed off to someone else that don't appear in my closed cases.

What I'm looking to do is the URL is standard and only the last 6 digits change for the case number. Is it possible for me to give the scrapper a list of Case numbers it can run through and then extract the relevant data for me? Everything else I want to do I was able to accomplish with my Proof of Concept, now I just need to figure out how to feed it the case numbers so it will scrap from those specific cases.

The url is: "//" then after the "=" I would just have it load in the 6 digit case numbers either from a text or excel sheet and extract to a Excel sheet and format from there.

@bmxmike Hello, yes that should not be an issue as long as the HTML structure of the targeted pages remain the same.

Web Scraper Cloud handles up to 20'000 start URLs which can be imported automatically using the 'Bulk Start URL import' feature.

What am I doing wrong that I don't see those options?


@bmxmike This option is available only in Web Scraper Cloud which is a separate entity -