Scraping one link deep


iam having difficulties in scraping a site : i can't scrape the amount of good sold located one link deep.

This is the root : Mitraruma | Mitraruma
I can scrape the name and price easily.

To get the amount of goods sold, i have to click on one of the picture / text / div. Here is the link after clicking on an object : Mitraruma | Mitraruma. You can find a text containing the number.

I have tried all Selector element. But none works.

How do I do this by using the Web Scraper Chrome Extension ?

PS : I have contacted the support but he said that it is achievable if i buy a plan.

Any help is appreciated

This site has its own sitemaps, so you can scrape via those. These are standard XML sitemaps, not the same as WS sitemaps.

Refer to Sitemap xml selector | Web Scraper Documentation