"Scraping in progress. Close the popup to stop scraping

When I scrape data, it comes up with the following message:

'Scraping in progress. Close the popup to stop scraping.
When scraping is finished you can browse the data or export it as CSV.
You can also browse data while the scraper is running.'

I am not scraping, and cannot scrape because of this?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:



Error Message:

To access error messages follow these steps:

  1. Open chrome://extensions/ or go to manage extensions
  2. Enable “developer mode” at the top right
  3. Open Web Scrapers “background page”
  4. A new popup window should appear.
  5. Go to “Console” tab. You should see Web Scraper log messages and errors there.

@brynw42 Hi, could you, please, provide your sitemap or the targeted website?