Scraping data from google search result isn't working

Hello, I'm trying to scrape data from google search result and trying to use to pagination feature so I can scrape all pages from google search.

What I'm trying to achieve is to export all linkedin profiles from google search but it isn't exporting any data. I refresh webscrapper multiple times but nothing shows. Here is the sitemap:

{"_id":"search-result-for-linkedin","startUrl":[""realtor" OR "agent" OR "real estate agent" OR "broker" "multifamily" -intitle:"profiles" -inurl:"dir/ " OR - Google Search span:nth-of-type(2)","type":"SelectorPagination"},{"delay":2000,"elementLimit":500,"id":"Result Card","multiple":true,"parentSelectors":["Pages"],"selector":".v7W49e > div.MjjYud, .hlcw0c div.MjjYud","type":"SelectorElementScroll"},{"id":"Title","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["Result Card"],"selector":"h3","type":"SelectorLink"},{"id":"Details","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["Result Card"],"regex":"","selector":"div.VwiC3b","type":"SelectorText"}]}

It will be great if you can help me fix it, also It will be amazing if you guys can make a sitemap that can scrape all results from google and then through pagination it can scrape profile name, profile short description, company name, company url, followers, connections and about section from all the profiles shown in google result,.