Scraping a table with multi leveled header

Hi! first of all, thanks for making such a wonderful tool!

I have some questions here, I'm currently trying to scrape a web with 179 tables that I need (with multi leveled header and 274 columns). Of course, I first tried to use the table selector but it only scraped approx. half of the data column, so currently I'm trying to scrape with element selector and text selector. The sitemap works perfectly but only when previewing the data and when I tried to run the process, it just passes all the first tables and then moves to another table without scraping anything. Is the problem only in the insufficient time page load delay and request delay or is it just impossible to do so from the beginning since the data I'm trying to scrape is just too large?

FYI, I'm scraping with firefox addon, since only firefox can access this specific web.

Hi @chrishimm Would you be able to share the website URL/screenshot or your sitemap?