Scrape the current page instead of opening pop-up


I have a sitemap that works fine. But now I don't want to enter the start url every time, but I want to read the results on the current page.

Example: Google Maps
Google shows the restaurants of the map on the left side.

Now I could use the URL as start-url, but if I then move or zoom the map, I have to change the configuration every time, because Web Scraper opens in a new pop-up.

On pages that do not use URL parameters, the problem becomes existential:
If one has to fill in fields on a page, set sliders (e.g. for radius or size), select properties, the then filtered results simply cannot be grabbed via a pop-up.

QUESTION: How can values be read from the current window (without popup)?

Glad if someone here knows a solution ... and if that is not provided by design, that it is implemented as a feature.

Thanks in advance for your help ... Horst

Thanks for that marketing feature description. Could you please tell me where the technical manual can be found? :wink: