Scrape site with delay, ajax pagination, multiple rows and data on popups

Hi, i am trying to scrape a site a little bit complicated for a newbie like me. the site has ajax pagination and multiple rows where extract data, i solved all the issues and i scrape all the data. But consolidating the info i noticed that one text, a very very important text only appears if you click on a button and this open a popup.

After this site, i need to scrape other couple of sites with popups and definitely i can't do it, the popups are kicking my a....

I was looking for a tutorial, video or something that covered popups + ajax pagination but i couldn't find something.

So, i need help to know what is the steps i can follow for this or a post/video.

PD: i am not sharing the URL because the site needs to be registered, it is free, but if you need it, i can share it.

PD2: i am not sharing the sitemap because i don't have nothing close to works that show.