Scrape Infinite Scroll Page / Diferent Selectors on Same Elements

Im trying to scrape this website: Garsaco

When Im trying to scrape the product info (while building the selector graph) I usually make the first selector as a "link" so the scraper can enter every link of a product and then extract with the text selector the data I need (It usually identify all products when selecting a few of them).

The issue Im facing here is that every "product" has a diferent element identifier...and is imposible for me to understand how the Scraper can identify and to select all the "products" of the page...because if you can see it only selects 4/5 products and then the other are no selected...

For example in this other website ferreteria online when you select 2 products the web scraper automatically detects all the the website that I need to scrape (the first link) it only detects automaticlly a few products and the other are missed...

As you can see I can not build any Sitemap to send you because I dont know how to move on frorm this step..Im at the root selector trying to build the "products-link" selector...

Also The website I need to scrape has infinite scroll (I have never dealed on scrapping a Infinite Scroll site) so I dont know If maybe this is the issue that the elements are having because of that..

I have also tryed to scrape adding the parameter but it doesent work, the Scraper Extension Still dont detect automatically all products.

Please could you help me how to figure It out to scrape this site?

Any help given could be very usefull

Kind regards

Probably easier if you just click through and start at the category pages, e.g.

Hi, thanks for the answer but I dont know what you mean could you explain better?

Kind regards