Scrape fails after 5 entries

Hi. I am trying to scrape a software category list on The list has a "show more" button at the bottom of the page. I have the following sitemap that navigates through the list using the "show more" and displays the software name from the list. This works perfectly:


Note I have already discovered the issue with weird random characters in class names that change, hence the use of the CSS selector "class|={value}" to only pick up the first part of the class name and ignore all the random stuff at the end.

Next, I am trying to go the next step and follow a link from each entry in the list to a separate software profile page to get more information from that. Here is that sitemap:


This one navigates through the list, and follows the link to the profile for the first 5 entries, then it quits finding the link. The rest of the entries show a null link. I read somewhere on this site to try going to the page and "shrinking" the page (chrome control, go from 100% down to 25%), so I tried that and then it works for 7 entries. Go back to 100% and I get 5 entries again. Totally consistent.

So, why is it failing after 5 entries? And what does the size of the text have to do with any of this? Any help is appreciated.

Never mind, I figured out what the problem is. The link I was using has an image embedded in it and the image is lazy loading, so the link is not there until the entry is actual in view on the page. I found another place where the link is with no image and now it works fine.

The rest of the site probably uses lazy-loading too so you need a scroller to make it appear. That is why the zoom down trick seems to work. Also, the CSS you are using does not seem to be valid. Refer to