Scrape data from HTML script

Hello guys,

Is there a way to get the following data (marked with blue rectangle) from the following source code? I tried selected the entire HTML and using regex, but I get null results.

Thank you in advance!

You may catch the inline javascript as a text with the Text Selector.
For sure you can try to do some Regex to keep just the part you need.


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Thank you for your reply! Exactly 5 minutes ago I have managed to discover the solution. I had to select only the body with the HTML selector. Selecting the entire HTML wasn't working apparently. Any idea why? Is it too long maybe?.
With the solution I've found I wasn't getting the needed data in data preview, but after I started the scraping process, it collected what I needed... This is so strange.

You are welcome.
Sometimes the automatic CSS selector is biased by our mouse or the CSS is dynamic.
In this situation, you may be able to preview data but no scrape or, what I think is less common, to scrape but not preview.
Either way usually is a matter of reviewing your selectors to be as constant as possible.

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