Scrape data from a new tab, is it possible ? how?

Hi Scraper Family !

i have an issue with a web page where there is a liste of data which displayed like this :

     Raison sociale     extrait
  1.  Name                   Link
  2.  Name                   Link
  3.  Name                   Link 
  4.  Name                   Link
  5.  Name                   Link
  6.  Name                   Link 

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If we click on "Link", this open a NEW TAB with data in board that i want to scrape according with the line where the "Link" is.

I don't know how to ask WebScraper to scrape DATA from an other TAB, because the data is on an other web page... I read that we should use Link popup. So how to setup this ?

Should we setup the scrape on the new TAB with the sitemap of the main site ?

Thanks you for your answer !

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The links are regular HTML ones, <a href> so you can just use Type: Link. Example tested with Page load delay: 5000

{"_id":"forum-zefix-ch","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"id":"Row wrappers","type":"SelectorElement","parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"tbody","multiple":true },{"id":"Raison sociale","type":"SelectorText","parentSelectors":["Row wrappers"],"selector":"","multiple":false,"regex":"" },{"id":"Extrait","type":"SelectorLink","parentSelectors":["Row wrappers"],"selector":"a[title^='Extrait']","multiple":false },{"id":"Date d'inscription","type":"SelectorText","parentSelectors":["Extrait"],"selector":"#companyReport > table[border='1'] td[align]:nth-of-type(3)","multiple":false,"regex":"" },{"id":"Adresse","type":"SelectorText","parentSelectors":["Extrait"],"selector":"table:nth-of-type(5) td:nth-of-type(1) td:nth-of-type(2)","multiple":false,"regex":"" }]}

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Thank you for your anwser ! have a nice 2021 year !