Reverbnation Artist links from Charts?

How to select Reverbnation artist links from the chart section?

I try to highlight for example Dream Aria but it's not possible at all, yet when you click on the name you get redirected to the right page so there is a link there. I'll add that when you use the "Text" selector the name is fine, it's just I need links but cannot pick them.

I try to pick the link as always but when highlighting there's no option to choose

@ATTV Hi, did you try -

What am I supposed to do with that exactly? I've entered this value in the "Selector" window but nothing gets highlighted.

@ATTV You have to use it as a 'link' selector. Yes, indeed it is technically 'hidden', therefore check the data preview instead.

Nope. Nothing get's done when I paste


@ATTV Are you sure you used the ''Link" selector?

Yes, but I'm looking at the "charts" tab, not the search.

@ATTV It would be possible with the "Element-click" selector if there was some way to get back to the list.

As it seems all of the artist links are stored at -

But it would be hard to seperate them from other URLs this website contains.