Regular expressions

I dont know how to use regex with flags when i'm using \g nothing happend.
For example howto use g flag to find all patterns not first.
Please help.

@pkrz86 Hello, could you, please, elaborate more on the issue? What data are you looking to post-process and what's the desired output?

Learn more: Regex match | Web Scraper Documentation

Hmm i want to search all of the arrivals od regex not first one.

For example when i write (/d/d:/d/d) it matches first date not all when im adding \g finding nothing

I mean javaScript match function gives other results than your regex for same paragraph?what do I do wrong??
Please help?

It gives no result. Should result array with hours.

@pkrz86 To extract all of the available hours you can use the 'Grouped' selector: div.event__time