Regular expression tests ok in online debuggers but not working in scraper

Hello, I often get text blocks that end up like this:

● First line of text

● Second line of text

● Third line of text

● Fourth line of text

In online debuggers I can test this expression fine:
Modifying the quantifier from {1} to {2} and {3} and so on to capture more or less of the text.

But it doesn't work in the regex filter in the scraper. Why so?


Two things I can think of, 1. is from the slight differences in regex between programming languages and 2. Have you tried it without the opening and closing tags(/ and /gm). I'm assuming that they aren't necessary here and the app will add those.

Hmm, yeah could be the language not taking it.
I actually did try without opening and closing characters. Doesn't work.

I wonder if there are any alternative patterns that could work... I am not a regex expert (or really any good).