Pause Scraping. Resume Scraping

Describe the problem.
Busy working on stuff and don't want my computer slowed down so I'd like to pause the scraper and then have it resume when I'm not as busy.


You can pause your scrape (actually it will pause all scripts on current page) using browser built-in debugging tool.

You have to call Developer tools within Scrape window (F12 / Ctrl+Shift+I), navigate to 'Sources', and click little pause sign. It will pause the scrape, and once you're free to go hit it once again to release the scrape.

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This is great. Thank you so much!

Hey all is this still working?

I tried to follow the instructions as described and notice the script kept running.

I'm specifically attempt to stop the script and verify we're not a robot via a cloudflare prompt. Once complete i'd like to continue the scraper. However, i'm not able to stop the scraper to do this.

Any thoughts?

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Hey all!

Anyone have any insight here?

Have not encountered the cloudflare prompt yet, but I would just use Element Click and its delay option on one of the cloudfare elements. The idea here is not to activate anything, but rather to use the delay to give you enough time to (manually) deal with the cloudflare prompt. So you would set a delay of say, 45000 (45 sec). The click element should be a unique cloudfare element, so that the scraper can just continue if it is not found.