Partial Scraping

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Hello guys, i have one problem. I want to scrape some data and i can't figure how to do that. :slight_smile:
I put link to the site i want to scrape. I figure out how to scrape links, text etc but, When you enter in every amazon shop, on some profiles we have links to other countries like UK, Italy, Spain... like in this shop, last text paragraph:

And in another shops, we don't have links to other countries:

I want to scrape links on pages where we have links and of course not scrape when we don't have. :slight_smile:
When i try to create a sitemap, and pick those countries, i don't get any results probably because we don't have links to the countries in all shops.

I am a beginner at this, so I need your help.
Thank you very much

{id:"sitemap code"}

I would just grab the whole 3rd (last) para as HTML (Type:HTML), then pick out each country site with regexes. e.g. this one will extract Amazon UK stores:


Should match