Pagination selector release and more!

As we are continuously working to develop and improve the Web Scraper extension to make it as user-friendly as possible, we have released a selector, that has been the most requested by our users.

Now, there is a Pagination selector available that unifies the Link and Element Click selector pagination functionality and brings it all together within one selector!

The selector will detect and work automatically whether the pagination consists of links, is executed as AJAX, consists of page numbers, 'Next' buttons or 'Load More' element button.

The default position of the selector is 'auto', although a drop-down menu will provide you with additional options in case, the correct format is not detected.

The new feature is currently available only within the Dev version of Web Scraper which can be acquired here - Web Scraper Dev - Free Web Scraping - Chrome Web Store

An example structure for the selector:





Load More:


The new release also consists of:

  • Element Attribute selector automatically detects the attributes of the selected element, which can be seen within the drop-down menu of the Attribute name when the input field is clicked, once an element is selected
  • Selected element count when 'Element Preview' is selected
  • Sitemap sync with Web Scraper Cloud

As this is still in the Beta stage, we would love to hear your feedback and/or any issue you might have with the new features, so we are able to improve this prior to releasing it into production.

For feedback, please leave a comment or contact us at

Thank you and we will be looking forward to your assessments!


This is an awesome new feature!

Hi. It looks like "Web Scraper Dev" doesn't work?