Pagination and Link issues

I want to scrap some data on each destination in this list. I started by setting a Pagination on a Load More button. They I set the Link for each Destination on the Decouvrir button.
The Web Scraper clicks only once on the Load More button. And moreover, it does not open the link on destinations.


check this sitemap.....


Thank you @don2010
I cannot add a selector inside the 'link' selector ID. How can I therefore scrap information from the link it is supposed to open?

Why can't you add a selector...? click inside LINK, open your page by that very link and add what you need...

Cannot click inside LINK. When the type is Element Attribute, cannot click inside the selector.

so what is a problem to pre-process your data and get exect links to proceed further ) easyyyyy

I don't just want to retrieve the URLs. I need WebScrap to follow each one of those links and scrap data on each link. Perhaps I don't know enough WebScrap, but how can I follow each link if I cannot configure inside LINK selector.

You should gather all your links, write a new sitemap to follow each link and scrape all you need... nothing hard at all...