Overlay preventing element selection

Hi everyone - the following website has sone sort of overlay that preventing me from selecting any elements.

The page itself seems to load everything from js

I can’t see the elements in devtools but can’t select any of them, even manually.


Is this a shadow-root sort of thing? @KristapsWS

@bretfeig Hi. Yes, this website contains multiple shadow-roots, therefore to access certain data points you will have to edit the code manually.

For example to access e-mails - #app:shadow-root #app-element:shadow-root #mainHeader + main > gr-admin-view:shadow-root gr-group-members:shadow-root table tr:contains("@")

Sitemap example - {"_id":"shadow-root","startUrl":["https://review.gerrithub.io/admin/groups/db3f6c4b11b81f1dda8e947511a5b2096d491f06,members"],"selectors":[{"id":"e-mails","type":"SelectorText","parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"#app:shadow-root #app-element:shadow-root #mainHeader + main > gr-admin-view:shadow-root gr-group-members:shadow-root table tr:contains(\"@\")","multiple":true,"regex":"","delay":0}]}

More information: CSS selector | Web Scraper Documentation

Hope this helps!

Thank you that's awesome. Trying to translate that into the previous page that list all the groups. I would like to select every row and then click into each group, down into the members part and extract all names & e-mails.

Did you just follow the dom all the way down selecting each shadow-root ID or was/is there an easier way to getting the right selectors and building the map?

@bretfeig You have to start with the very 1st and follow the path till you reach the desired data.