One product in different categories (breadcrumbs)

I try to scrape the different categories of one product.
But i only have one row in the csv, with only one category.....

example book:
[Kontrollierte Ohrakupunktur bei Hund und Pferd]

category "hund"

category "pferd"

i want to scrape the different categories...or breadcrumbs:
Tiermedizin | Spezialbereich: Hunde, Katzen
Tiermedizin | Pferde

but i only get one row, with the main categeory "pferde"....

the links, text, images, price etc. is no problem.....

can anybody help?

The scraper will only enter a URL once to avoid duplicates, so if this item is found in multiple categories, the scraper will only grab the first one it is encountered. There is no great way of going about this.

The easiest way of dealing with this would be create multiple start URLs for each of the categories in the metadata. This way the scraper will treat each item as unique URL due to it having a seperate start URL.

Hi webber,

ok. in this case i do it with 2 different scrapes.
But i have other scrapes with 50 or 100 categories.... i cant make so much different scrapes :frowning:

can you make an option for these problem?
for example by the "link" type the option "duplicates authorized".....
i need this for scraping manufacturer shops and the categorizing for my shop after the scrape :slight_smile: