New to Web Scraper: Struggling With Drop Downs

Hi everyone,

I am new to web scraping and have recently picked it up to help speed up some processes for a business I am working for.

For this task, I need to load the web page, select the "City" radio button, open the "City list" drop down, select a city, click submit, then retrieve the total number of businesses. I thought this would be straightforward, however, I do not know how to iterate through the drop down list while ensuring I do not get duplicate data.

Apologies if this is a stupid question and I appreciate any help.



This site uses older tech (aspx) so WS probably can't navigate it. However, the URL does change for each city so you can still scrape it if you build a separate a list of city URLs. e.g. the URLs for Alamo, Atlanta, and Columbia City are:

The URL pattern is the same, only the city name changes.