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Hi all, I am new to, but love the experience so far!
I now ran into an issue where I am a bit stuck: I am trying to extract the data from these nested tables. (See the table "Games Breakdown" on the page below.). In additon you will see that there is no header row, so I am unsure how to deal with that in the tables selector...
Thank you very much for any pointers!

Url: Grace McKenzie | Team GB


Hi @Ram

I would recommend to use an element selector - .medal-breakdown__table tr which targets each of the table rows.

Afterward you can create one text selector focusing on the year and the location and the second selector for the discipline.

Sitemap example:

{"_id":"teamgb-com","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"delay":0,"id":"table","multiple":true,"parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":".medal-breakdown__table tr","type":"SelectorElement"},{"delay":0,"id":"year_location","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["table"],"regex":"","selector":"td:nth-of-type(1)","type":"SelectorText"},{"delay":0,"id":"discipline","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["table"],"regex":"","selector":"td:nth-of-type(2)","type":"SelectorText"}]}

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Hope it helps.