Need help scraping source code

Hi, I was looking to scrape the numbers after the highlights part that I found in the source code and can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

@Quins Hi, could you, please, provide the targeted website?

In most cases such data is embedded within a script, therefore you can use a selector like: script:contains("ID") with a regex -"ID.*":"

Hi, here is a different product but the same concept applies

@Quins Hi, it is possible to extract this data by using the following selector script[type="text/javascript"]:contains("ID") ; regex": "ID".*

However, additional data post-processing will be required in order to isolate this data from the rest of the script text using the parser feature within cloud scraper. See the screenshot. Learn more: Parser | Web Scraper Documentation



Oh my gosh. Thank you so much!! I was able to get almost everything removed besides that last “ any tips?

@Quins Hi, should be possible by using the ''Replace text'' parser :wink: