Need help scraping a multiple store website (branches)

Hi, I'm a newbie to scraping and I have this challenge where I need to create a crawler for a website ( where you can select your province and city and it'll select a branch of the store.
Then, I must store them in individual CSV files (one per branch).

As I said I'm a newbie to scraping, this is my first experience with it and trying to get this challenge done.
The website is using JS, and according to some videos that I've watched, Scrappy is the better option with this one.

Any kind of help on how to deal with the problem would be appreciated.



You mean you need links to these regions ?

No no, I don't need the catalogs from the regions. I need all the products from a branch.

To choose a branch/store you must:

  1. Click on the menu button above "Select your branch"
  2. A pop-up will open (this pop-up also opens the first time you enter the site).
  3. You must choose "Pick up in store" and then select Province > Store. Then the site will save the store you chose and show you all the products.

How can I get a list of all the branches? And then extract all the products from each one of them?