Navigating in a table for scraping


In this, in the specifcations table, there is 'CAMERA' > 'FRONT CAMERA' > 'Resolution'

I want to scrape resolution of the front camera basically. (Note# there is 'Resolution' for main camera, front camera and image resolution on this page)

Now if I do this in HTML selector -
even then I am left with confusion between the resolution of the front and main camera.

Is there a way to specify 'Resolution' below the row which mentions front camera?

It is not solved but it is curious to learn... It is complicated for me, the table has a different structure and no matter how hard I try, it always selects both values, front and rear. I have tried because I recently had a similar case that I solved, but the table had a header and the same columns

first add a selector element to select the correspondent header, span.specs_head / td.mnhead and combine with :has

selector element (multiple) and into various selectors for any column td:nth-of-type(2) and td:nth-of-type(3)

tbody:has(.mnhead) td:contains('Resolution'):not(:contains('Image'))+td+td
tbody:has(.frntCamhd) td:contains('Resolution'):not(:contains('Image'))+td+td

Get the two values
span.specs_head, tr:contains('Resolution'):not(:contains('Image'))
span, tr:contains('Resolution'):not(:contains('Image'))

A master to teach us?