Multiple layer sitemaps (scraping)

Hello, Iam trying to do a certain operation but dont know if it is possible in chrome extension of web scraper. Is it possible to do multiple layer sitemaps? Let me explain...

  1. I have a website that I want to scrape from... multiple stuff from different pages. Iam able to set it up as a sitemap with multiple selectors. So far so good.

  2. I would like to set up large number of these and fire them at once. Is it possible to do multiple level of sitemaps. My main concern is faster execution and easier orientation.

I can make different sitemap for each page and go through them one by one but that can be bit time consuming as I have to work with large number of pages. Is there some function Iam not aware of? Iam working with web scraper rather shortly so I dont know many tricks there.

Thanks for answer and have a nice day :slight_smile:

You could launch firefox and chrome at the same time using half of the time

Ot buy multiple raspberry pi 3 or 4 and launch eachone with a chrome browser..
Plus chromium browser is compatible with the chrome extensions and maybe firefoz too has some other fork that can use the same addon too.
In some os you can use also chrome and chrome beta and chrome dev as 3 separate/different browsers.