Multiple images from Amazon

Hi Team,
I have tried your existing logic to fetch multiple images from amazon. the Data preview shows multiple images but the csv has only one. can you kindly help me on this?

below is the config.


below is the preview.

below is the csv with only one link.


Hello @bh4ru.
Without seeing the actual sitemap I would still recommend using the "Grouped" selector.
My set-up for image extraction looks like this:

At data preview the extracted information looks like this:

When I copy the image link i see that it's a bit too small:

But i notice a pattern between the large one and the small one:

So basically after all of the data is scraped our mission is to clean up the data using regex and text-replace the part containing "US40" to "SX679" which are available in Web Scraper Cloud using a parser.

Steps which I perform in parser to get the desired data.
Regex match to get rid of redundant words

Slash Adjustment using - Replace Text

Word substitution - Replace Text

Hope it helps! :smiley: