Link scraping not working

I am having trouble extracting a link from this site: California School Dashboard (CA Dept of Education).

I would like to extract the link to the webpage that is hyperlinked as "View More Details," but when I use the selector tool to select the hyperlink, the URL is not extracted. Hovering over the link, I see that it says javascript:void(0) even though the user is redirected to a new page after clicking on it. I think the javascript:void(0) might be part of the problem but I'm not sure how to get around it. I've uploaded a screenshot of the link I'm referring to.

Thank you for your help!

seems like those links are too hard to reveal... all of them lead to this page:
so you can scrape what you want exactly on that page....

You're right that the data that I want is on that page - called the Academic Performance Report - but the problem is that I need to scrape data off 1,200 different versions of the Academic Performance Report for 1,200 different schools. I don't have the direct URLs to the Academic Performance Report for any schools. I only have 1,200 URLs to the California School Dashboard for each school, so I need the Web Scraper tool to navigate to the link to the Academic Performance Report for each school. Are you saying it won't be possible?

You might not need to do any clicking, maybe just a bit of work to generate a list of URLs.

The report page URLs seem to be in this format:

where xxxxx is a unique number for each school.

You can append some words to each URL to load these three sections directly - Academic Performance, Academic Engagement and Conditions and Climate.

You can drill further into each subcategory by appending its name, for example, the direct link to Brockton's "English Learner Progress" is

You can figure out the pattern by observing how the URL changes as you click on each sub-section. It should be the same pattern for all schools:

Also see: Add suffix/prefix to URLs, or build URLs from scratch

Thank you for looking into this!

I had the same thought. The problem is that I don't know the unique number for each school. I could try to do some research to find out now that I know I won't be able to have Web Scraper access the link from the previous page.

I really appreciate your help!

as far as there are 58 counties in California, it's not too hard to get all school's URL and afterwards - to scrape all you need....

How does knowing the county help with the unique code? Do you understand how the 14-digit code is derived?

I misspoke earlier when I said I had 1,200 URLs that linked to the California School Dashboard (these URLs contain the unique code, so if I did have them, I wouldn't be in this predicament). I only have 1,200 URLs for each school's directory page. Here is the one for Brockton Elementary: School Page. From there, you can get to the California School Dashboard under "Accountability." I was able to direct the Web Scraper to do this, which is how I got to the dashboard in the first place. But now I'm stuck.

If you have all school URLs - it solves any problem, because we can scrape the 14-digit code....
So, you can send me this URL list in Excel file attached, suppose I will sfford it for you...